Xuan Thuy is the 50th Ramsar site worldwide (1989) and the first Ramsar site in the Southeast Asia. In 1995, Government decided to establish Xuan Thuy Wetland Natural Reserve in the area, which was upgraded to Xuan Thuy National Park (XTNP) (2003).
  • Small opinion – Big success
    With a community-based management approach and encouraging their participation into the process of preservation and development, Xuan Thuy National Park (XTNP) has obtained important achievements in the sustainable management of wetlands resources of the region. The opinions of the community are always listened and addressed. One of them is about management issue in the mangrove forest and the resources under the forest canopy in the park’s buffer zone.
  • Xuan Thuy National Marine Park Project
    Teaching English, updating website, planting trees, and doing farming with local people
  • XuanThuy National Park - A Destination Of Ecotourism
    The Xuan Thuy National Park, still in the process of completing its facilities, can already provide a range of services to groups of up to 15 people.
    Being one of five communes in the buffer zone of Xuan Thuy National Park, Giao Xuan has all characteristics of the region with a long coastal line, mangrove forests, large alluvial ground for aquaculture, mild climate, and hospitable people, and the unique culture of Red River delta. All these characteristics give Giao Xuan striking advantages to become a pilot site for development of the community-based ecotourism.
  • Tourism activities of Xuan Thuy National Park
    With a rich nature bestowed on the National Park, it is important in the field of conservation not only for researchers, the park members have also slowly introduced it to a growing number of tourists from both Vietnam and other countries and internationally promote it trough mass media and advertising leaflets.