VND2 million a month – a dream has come true for many mushroom farmers in the Xuan Thuy National Park region. In 2009, “the total value of mushroom products reached over VND200 million, with the labor average of VND130,000 / day. The mushroom model has been developed in a sustainable direction” Mr. Vu Phuong Thao – chairman of the mushroom production club of Xuan Thuy National Park reported.

Since getting the consultancy of the Asian Coastal Resources Institute-Foundation (CORIN-Asia) and financial support from the Wetlands Alliance Program (WAP) funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Xuan Thuy National Park has succeeded in creating alternative jobs for many livestock farmers to mushroom culture. After a year of establishment, the club has improved their organization with a committee, technical groups, and a common fund of about VND24-million, and attracted 78  members in four production sub-groups operating in the area of seven communes in the buffer and near-buffer zones of the national park. Organizational capacity, livelihood technical skills, and working facilities have been gradually completed through financial and institutional supports of the national park, CORIN-Asia and local organizations.

The park officers and farmers in a dialogue to initiate mushroom culture


Members of the club not only jointly conduct production activities, but also organize social events to encourage the solidarity spirit and promote the brand-name of “Xuan Thuy National Park Mushroom”, for example “Mushroom cooking contest for the health of community”. Reviewing a year of operation, Mr. Vu Phuong Thao was touched to say “In the begging period, we had only four inexperienced members without production facilities. We have got supports and encouragement from Xuan Thuy National Park and CORIN-Asia to build successful pilot models. Many local farmers in the region have joined with us after they find that this is a livelihood, which can provide sustainable incomes and jobs”.

Preparing materials for planting mushroom


In addition to the economics, the environmental and social values of mushroom culture have been recognized by local farmers and the national park. Instead of burning rice straws on the open fields, local people have used straws as medium for cultivating mushroom. Moreover, mushroom culture created jobs during the break time between two rice crops, which helped limit the “leaving native lands” situation of young  men to earn livings in cities. This is a non-material value, but so important in bringing happiness for farmer families.

Farmers are harvesting mushrooms


The  mushroom farmers determine  to establish a production cooperative, creating livelihoods for  more poor people and promoting the brand-name of “Xuan Thuy National Park mushroom” in the national market./.




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