With a rich nature bestowed on the National Park, it is important in the field of conservation not only for researchers, the park members have also slowly introduced it to a growing number of tourists from both Vietnam and other countries and internationally promote it trough mass media and advertising leaflets.

However, the awareness on activities is still a weak point of Xuan Thuy National Park. Previously, due to a bad condition of the few roads, communication was locally limited and the tourist activities were only known indirectly because of the work of international organizations. The work with a variety of medial channels had the aim to effectively promote the activities and this way raise the level of communication.

However, in recent times awareness is slowly rising with attention coming from international organizations and many travel companies surveying the park and sending visitors. Many films or leaflets about the potential of this park have reached our visitors and many tourist companies and NGOs have posted some information on their websites. Xuan Thuy National Park also focused on capacity building and marketing strategies and built up their own website to publish general and tourist-related information about the park. Printed publications such as posters, leaflets were also published. This efforts have to be further continued simultaneously to the construction of facilities in Xuan Thuy also gets improved.

Poster about the protection of wildlife birds created by the National Park

                Poster about the protection of wildlife birds created by the National Park

                     Leaflets introducing about the Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve


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