If you wish to stay longer than one day, you also have the possibility to choose from one of our extended tours. This way you surely can gain further understanding about local life and culture.

Tour one: Visiting the corezone of the Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve (two days)

During this tour, visitors enjoy both the unique natural resources of Xuan Thuy National Park and Tien hai Nature Reserve. You will also be able to watch migratory birds and see them find food on the alluvial soils in the region.
                       Gulls finding food on the sandy beach near the river mouth
                                              an ideal beach for guests

Tour two: Journey through the Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve (three days)

With this tour, guests will visit the wooded coastal area of Thai Thuy Tien hai Nature Reserve and Xuan Thuy following the coast all the way up to Nghia Hung and Phat Diem in Kim Son District.
local tree species and Great Egret                           Phat Diem Cathedral

Tour three: Red River Delta Tourism (three to four days)

This is a tour ideal as a general introduction to the region, bringing you to spots such as the Keo Pagoda, Phat Diem and Phu Day Cathedral, Tran and Tien Ca Temple.. You can combine this tour with tour one or two to get the best overview about the culturally interesting points in the region.
                                       the pagoda in Giao Thien
                        Wooden bridge - one of the highlights of this tour


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