We wish to introduce visitors to the locally and internationally unique habitat of Xuan Thuy National Park, and help visitors to understand more about life and cultural activities of the local buffer zone communities. We introduce a number of roads, tourist sites and the typical natural activities below.

River Cruise

This tour allows you to get the most complete overview of the National Park. During the tour, you will visit a great area of the mangrove forest as well as the key sites of the area.  This tour begins at the Tien Hai Lighthouse and its Environmental Education Center across the Red River from Xuan Thuy. Then it takes you to Con Xanh Island, where you can learn about the history of land reclamation and dike construction. Afterwards, you will picnic under the cool shade of the Causerinas on Con Lu Island.  Depending on the season, you may be able to observe migratory birds finding food in the Tra River on your afternoon journey home.




This tour is designed for anyone with particular interest in birds, from the most avid birder to the amateur admirer. It allows you to not only watch birds but also helps you gain understanding of the wetland ecosystem they inhabit. The tour starts at the National Park’s main office. Then, you will take the Vop River to Con Lu and Con Ngan islands.  During the winter, you will be able to observe several rare and endangered species of birds such as the Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Nordmann's Greenshank, Grey-headed Lapwing, Asian Dowitcher and Black-faced Spoonbill who regularly stop in Xuan Thuy.  In addition, the tour will take you past the elevated huts of clam farmers, giving you a small glimpse of local life.


Walking Tour


On foot, you can experience village life and gain understanding of the community's relationship with the mangrove forest.  This tour gives you the best idea of how the local people work and live. Specifically, you will visit the shrimp ponds of Con Ngan Island and hike along dirt trails to the villages of Dien Bien and Tan Hong. The intensive aquaculture of these villages leads to a strict observation of the forest, birds, crabs, fish, and shrimp to ensure long-term profits. Walking by those shrimp ponds, you can get a feeling for the hard work of the locals.



Ethic code for tourists

Don't break or cut off any branches of trees and plants.

Don't carve the trees.

Don't litter in the forest or in the rivers.

Don't take any plants or animal specimens out of the National Park without permission.

Don't enter the National Park unaccompanied by local guides.



Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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