Visiting to Xuan Thuy National Park in summer, tourists enjoy ocean breeze, cool water flows, as well as have opportunity to watch local species of birds resting and feeding here. If lucky enough, visitors may see some rare birds migrating to Xuan Thuy National Park’s coastal area.

With the enthusiastic and experiences of tourist guides of Xuan Thuy National Park, and with supports of specific bird watching devices such as telescope, binoculars, high speed canoes, and observing stations located in ideal positions, tourists will enjoy an interesting bird watching tour with much different emotions.


Visitors will experience light and high-faluting feelings, and let them fly with healthy sea winds when canoes glide slightly on peaceful water surface of Vop river. They will also see Mycteria leucocephata quietly searching for food in ecological shrimp lagoons on Ngan islet. This is a rare species of bird migrating to Xuan Thuy National Park. In dry seasons, tourists may see white storks leisurely striding in shrimp lagoons. Going along Red river by canoes to the river month, they will contemplate the fertility of alluvium range.


Tourists on the river cruise


An immense and large space welcomes visitors when they come to the river mouth. Here, lucky tourists may see Pelecanus philippensis (Bo Nong chan xam) swimming at the head of Lu and Xanh islets.


The tour continues along Tra river, a romantic and poetic landscape, with a diversity of local bird species. Local guides will lead visitors to an observing station on Lu islet to feel the immensity of Xuan Thuy. Here, they will observe stretching green mangrove forests bobbing on water surface, casuarinas forests swaying in the wind like stable armours protecting Lu islet from ocean storms. Looking in a distance, tourists will see Xanh islet dimly in the sea, which tell a story about the alluvia deposition at the mount of Red River.

Bird watchers from the observation station

Chatters of forest birds, rustling noise of winds at the casuarina forest together with sound of sea waves slapping sand create melodious love songs, and relaxed feeling for tourists on hot summer days. In the afternoon, tourists leave Lu islet for the head office of Xuan Thuy National Park, and complete an interesting summer bird watching tour in Xuan Thuy./.


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