Small action YET Strong impact   (10:42 | 22-07-2010)
There have been widespread and inconclusive discussions in 5 the communes in the Xuan Thuy area about the recorded tape on the local radio, which reports the process to penalize an illegal bird hunter.

On the May 1, 2010, Giao Lac commune police collaborated with Forest Rangers to arrest Nguyen Van Nam (a resident of Nam Trung commune, Tien Hai district, Thai Binh procince), who set a snare for birds in Giao Lac commune. A fine of 2,000,000 VND and confiscation of all the traps and equipments were the proper punishment for the bird hunter. And importantly, a total of 19 birds, including 17 herons and 2 white egrets, were released into the wild in front of tens of local people.

The whole process was taped and repeated on the local radio of Giao Thien, Giao An, Giao Lac, Giao Xuan and Giao Hai communes. This is the first time that specific illegal behaviors and name of the bird hunter are disseminated widely to 45,000 residents in the 5 communes. This is a strong action to not only raise awareness about bird protection, but also admonish illegal bird hunters and wildlife encroachers.

Right after the news on radio, a group of youngsters in Giao An came to show repentance for using airguns to shoot birds that “We did not know that hunting birds is to break the laws. We will never shoot birds again”, Mr. Phan Thanh Liem – Chief of the Voice of commune narrated. He also comments that “News about the real persons and real actions in communities is the most impressive and has admonishment to local people”.


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