How to get here from Hanoi   (10:02 | 12-05-2011)
From Ha Noi: It is about 160 kilometers, so it takes about 4 to 5 hours to get here by motobike, car, or bus. You pay $5.00/person for park admission.

How to get here?

* Bus: The cheapest! It costs 50.000 VND/person/trip.

You can take a bus from Giap Bat station or My Dinh station (Giap Bat is closer!).You can choose any bus to one of the communes in the buffer zone of the park: Giao Thien (this is the closest commune to the National Park office), Giao An, Giao Thanh, or Giao Huong.

- When you arrive in Giao Thien, just contact us! We can arrange to pick you up - free of charge!

- When you arrive in other communes, you can ask us to pick you up, or you can rent a “xe om”(a motorbike-taxi) by yourself. The maximum cost is 30.000 VND/person/trip.

From Xuan Thuy national park, you can easily catch a bus to come back Ha Noi, or transit to other close-by destinations like Cuc Phuong national park.


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