Along with the richness of natural resources, Xuan Thuy National Park also can serve as a starting point for tours in the vicinity to many interesting cultural places of national significance.

On the way to Nam Dinh city, guests can visit the Phu Day Remains, a famous historical place dedicated to the goddess Lieu Hanh, one of the four immortal gods of Vietnam. About 15 km far from Nam Dinh city, one can enjoy the old beautiful architecture dated to the 19th and early 20th century and pray for blessing, peace and a fortunate future.

In Nam Dinh City tourists can visit famous historical places: the Tran Temple, Thap Pagoda and Bao Loc Temple. Standing on the widespread area you can see the remnants of a glorious dynasty as this was the homeland of the Tran Kings and the national hero Tran Hung Dao.

To learn more about the local culture of Nam Dinh province, a trip to Vi Khe Ornamental Plant Village is highly recommended. According to legends the gardening tradition of this village began in the 10th century! Nowadays visitors can see a broad variety of orchids, camellias and roses, the village is also famous for its kumquat and bonsai trees. Under the skilful hands of artists these living creatures have become beautiful, vivid and extraordinary soulful.

Tran Temple Nam Dinh

Phu Day, Vu Ban – Nam Dinh
Thap Pagoda – Nam Dinh
Statue of national hero Tran Hung Dao – Nam Dinh City
Further in the south, interesting spots for visitors might be the Keo Pagoda, a place associated with the legend about the Saint Khong Minh Khong and a long Buddhist tradition. The unique architecture and mystical beauty puts you into the spirit of the Buddhist principles of “truthfulness, benevolence and art”.
Keo Pagoda – Co Le
Keo Pagoda – Hanh Thien

Going further along to Xuan Truong district, visitors can see a significant cultural and historical site: the memorial of the former General Secretary Truong Chinh in Xuan Hong village. This is the place to which a lot of childhood memories of an outstanding person stick, this is home to many famous politicians and entrepreneurs.

Not far from Hanh Thien village you can see the Phu Nhai and Bui Chu cathedral, two great centers for the numerous Catholics living in the region. Bui Chu cathedral and and Phat Diem church are actually the cradles of Christianity in northern Vietnam.

On the way to the park, visitors can make an excursion to Phu Nhai, built in the 1930th and the biggest church in South East Asia! The modern western architecture located in the lush nature of the countryside will give you a both poetic and strange impression. Visitors can certainly feel the wonders and beauty of the massive construction.

The old house of former General Secretary Truong Chinh – Xuan Truong

 Bui Chu church – Xuan Truong

Phu Nhai church – Xuan Truong

Coming from Xuan Truong district to Xuan Thuy district, the first stop you definitely should make is Quat Lam. Hearing the name of this town, every Vietnamese person immediately thinks of beautiful beaches, an attractive landscape and special attractions for all the visitors coming from everywhere in Vietnam.

After relaxing and bathing, those who are interested in nature and its conservation will continue their journey to Xuan Thuy National Park. After arriving in the Buffer Zone of the National Park you can already feel the cool and fresh air coming from the sea. The beautiful villages and a unique variety of churches (this is a district with one of the highest densities of Christians in Vietnam) and temples harmoniously blend traditional and modern architecture. Surely the rice paddies and ponds for the exploitation of aquatic resources like shrimps are interesting sights, too. If you decide to book one of the tours offered by the National Park, you may step a little closer to fully understand the live and culture of the local people, their traditions and the efforts to preserve the eternal value of their culture as well as their natural heritage of national and international importance.

Giao Thien pagoda - Giao Thuy
Sa Nam church – Giao Thien village, Giao Thuy
Traditional house – Giao Thien village, Giao Thuy


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