Overall, the conference in cooperation with the local radio had a positive impact on the local community in the subject area. Through the participation of the local community, the conference should increase the awareness of the local community to protect natural ressources and the environment.

In 2009 Xuan Thuy National Park has started the implementation of environmental programs to popularize laws and environmental education in the buffer zone, in the following way:

-         700 participants from 5 communes in the province

-         The participants in the conference came from all branches and levels and represented all classes of local residents

-         The core issues of different laws should be desseminate, such as follows: environmental law, protection and development of forest law, biodiversity law and fisheries law (relation to decree law of  wetlands and forest management)

-         Environmental education includes: issues of nature reserve of national and international basis

-         Conservation and management of sustainable development in Xuan Thuy National Park


The organisation committee has encouraged the participants of the conference to face the difficulties and suggested the national park to cooperate with the government and the local communities to reach the goals.

From this meeting the national park management has gained enthusiastic comments as well as contributions of the local community to supplement the management plan with the following issues:

“Overexploitation and destruction of fisheries ressources, deforestation and hunting bird in the buffer zone are forbidden. Warnings about environmental pollution and climate change.”

The management of natural ressources is trying to strengthening the environmental education activities for those using natural resources as well as searching for the appropriate alternative livelihoods and find a harmonious integration between the need of natural ressources and the sustainable development and protection of the area in Xuan Thuy National Park.


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